Our Company

Goldax Ghana Limited (GGL) is a Ghanaian owned private limited liability company which is incorporated under the company Act, 1963 (Act 179) of Republic Ghana.

Goldax Ghana Limited (GGL) is a fast-growing company licensed and authorized by the Ghana Minerals Commission (GMC) to deal with small and large-scale mining activities, exploration, procurement and to engage in retail and exportation of the global precious mineral resources from licensed miners and traders to the international markets.

Goldax Ghana Limited (GGL) is targeted on gold exploration and production in GyampomaniOsino, Fanteakwa District in the Eastern Regional Part of Ghana. The company has one earlystage exploration property in Fanteakwa district and plans to expand its operations throughout the country in the nearby future.

In the later part of 2019, Goldax Ghana Limited employed an average of 65 employees excluding contractors.

GGL is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and will soon be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. GGL operations are guided by the regulations of the environmental protection agency (EPA) and principles that promote environmental safety, employee rights and to address social responsibility and environmental perturbs.

Our business operations are based on the highest ethical standards on target to become the best and leading Mining Company in Ghana and beyond with the prospects to intrude into the mining sector as one of the major players in the Mining Industry across Africa.

Our absolute best precedence is the safety and health of all employees. Our management team believes that safety and health considerations are imperative to, and well suited with, all other functions in the company and ensure that applicable safety and health management is presented to enhance production and decrease costs.

Our method in the direction of the fitness and protection of our employees and the environment is to continually enhance overall performance via enforcing sturdy management systems and providing enough training, security incentive and occupational fitness programs..

Our mission is to be outstanding mining company with the best mining practice to provide the most reliable and good quality customer service for our clients and partners. Also, to serve as the premier entity to provide quality, ethical, conflict free and legitimate supplies of refined mineral resources to the local and international market. 

Our goal is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient gold producer to provide legitimate mining services, undertake gold mining and gold trading business by meeting the requirements of all regulatory bodies in order to operate confidently and continuously to meet our production target. By rendering and pursing our corporate directives, we would strive to stay focus whiles;
Increase earnings and revenues
Providing a sustainable service to the community
Increase productivity
Meet organizational market demand
Strong customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction
Promote and offer and employment opportunity to the people our host communities
Optimize productivity
Our unique ability to provide quality mining services and gold mining business and our successful track record in research and exploration activities makes us an invaluable partner in gold mining and trading business.  

Goldax understands how values shape and contribute to corporate culture. Our values guide our entire value chain and supply chain, including how we interact with others. 

Goldax cares for the safety, health, security and well-being of Employees, Contractors, and Communities of operation and Consultants  

People are our most important asset. Our mines are built and operated by our employees and it is our highest priority to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for them. We are constantly searching for new and innovative methods to ensure the safety of our employees. We can proudly say that the level of accidents and injuries is very low in the company compared to the rest of the sector. 




TEL: +233 (0) 30 255 6918