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Corporate Social Responsibility:

As part of our corporate social responsibility, GGL would actively engage in the local communities and provide funds to help with social amenities such as schools, hospitals and recreational centers for the communities within which we operate. It is the desire of Goldax Ghana Limited to create an eco-friendly greenery environment for the mining areas to make life comfortable by prioritizing the local population when employing staffs.

Responsible Mining:

Environmental responsibility is a central issue in a company with operations involving environmental risks. The majority of the company’s activities are carried out in areas which are sensitive to the impact of mining operations. Goldax Ghana Limited understands that there are people living close to our operations and, therefore, seeks to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment by focusing on adopting innovative technologies, continuously optimizing resource utilization and decreasing waste.


Goldax Ghana Limited success is dependent on trust and support from all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors, Government and local communities, which is why we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and sustainability. We have zero tolerance for corruption and aim to have the maximum level of transparency in our dealing with Government authorities, defending our interest in court when necessary. We genuinely believe that good corporate governance adds shareholder value and, therefore, the majority of our Board is composed of non-executive, independent directors with extensive experience in mining and in running public companies. Going forward, we intend to further strengthen our corporate governance in order to deliver maximum shareholder value. 

At GOLDAX we believe sustainable development and mining can be compatible, and we find new ways to decrease our carbon footprint for the good of the environment and for business.

GOLDAX has placed sustainable practices at the core of its license to operate, with the realization that the only way to be economically viable is to operate environmentally and socially responsible.

GOLDAX is committed to working for tomorrow’s economy, by responding proactively to themes of climate change, resource scarcity and energy efficiency.

GOLDAX is committed to environmental and climate-related financial disclosures and risks associated with transition to low carbon economy.

GOLDAX has passionate and dedicated professional teams that are making sure our activities comply with regulations and our activities are conducted in a responsible manner, ensuring safety for our employees, as well as the communities and the environment in which they operate.

GOLDAX has parallel and integrated management strategy for all the pillars of sustainability, legal aspects, and increasingly innovative design and the economic return.

GOLDAX’s Community Relations (CR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Health and Safety (CHS) management plans are guided and administered by its Local Content Policy (LCP).

The Local Content Policy will employ all appropriate regulatory and policy instruments that can be used to implement the policy, and all applicable concepts, approaches, and tools to improve the use of the Policy.

GOLDAX’s LCP will operate within Ghanaian context, and largely relying on indigenous knowledge and international experiences on local content policies.

GOLDAX will wholly comply with the local procurement policies in the mining sector of Ghana, also applying International Industry Best Practices (IIBP). Where appropriate.
GOLDAX will explore its local content policy as a way to stimulate direct employment and promote skills development for the local workforce. GOLDAX hope to achieve this by the identification and application of the objectives of national government and local employment policies, including demand-side and supply-side policy instruments.

GOLDAX has put in place measures aimed to encourage diversification within the mining sector by adding value to the proceeds of mineral extraction, notably to serve as inputs to other manufacturing sectors. To implement this successfully, GOLDAX has undertaken research into pre-requisites needed for successful downstream policies, examines the various types of policy instruments and accompanying measures that could be developed.

GOLDAX’s R&D Department will identify and innovatively exploit appropriate horizontal linkages that aim at other or new economic sectors using the skills, capabilities, and infrastructure developed by GOLDAX Mining and Metal businesses, and which could also serve broader economic objectives.

GOLDAX will support Traditional, Government international instruments to building domestic capacity for fostering national mining firms, including supporting governments’ policies to increase ownership from the domestic private sector, increased participation in the management of mining activities, and developing national champions in the Mining and Metal industry in Ghana.

The Board and Senior Management will seek comprehensive understanding and knowledge in all trade and investment frameworks that is constrained as a result of legal commitments taken at the multilateral and bilateral levels, guide its investment and partnership protocols.

GOLDAX Ghana Limited appreciates the fact that advances in technological changes and innovations in mining activities of the future may offer limited local content opportunities in the future. The company will research the technological trends and their potential impacts on local content policies and work with key and relevant stakeholders to devise alternative or new forms that local content may be taking in the future if traditional forms are no longer relevant, given technological adoption.

The Local Content Policy (LCP) will synced with all other policies of GOLDAX Ghana Limited (GGL).

The management of the natural resource base within ecosystems is the continuous responsibility of any society seeking to become more sustainable. To this end GOLDAX Ghana limited (GGL) is committed to protecting water resources within its operational jurisdiction and will contribute to Ghana’s Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles.

GOLDAX Ghana Limited (GGL) has appropriate environmental management standards in place for the use of surface and ground water. These standards would be strictly monitored, evaluated and reviewed.

GOLDAX will ensure that the quality and quantity of mine effluent streams discharged to the environment, including storm water, leach pad drainage, process effluents, and mine works drainage, are managed and treated to meet established Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Water Resources Commission (WRC) effluent discharge guideline values.

GOLDAX will ensure judicial use of water resources and as much as possible process water will be recycled and reuse. Water Quality Assessment (WQA) will be designed for both surface and groundwater resources consistent with water quality standards set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Water Resources Commission (WRC) and Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

Energy markets have been fundamentally redefined through the international pressure to minimize contribution and construct resilience to local weather change. This has affected the types of strength sourced with the aid of business, the value of energy, how electricity is procured and how strength is in the end used.

The gold mining enterprise is affected directly with the aid of these drivers, given the electricity intensity of its processes. Mining and processing of gold is getting more energy intensive.

Goldax Ghana Limited runs on gas-generated electricity. Diesel is used mainly for our fleet of cars and machinery. The focal point for 2020 remained on imposing a fuel swap approach and renegotiating fuel supply contracts.

Water is existence or demise for people and mining projects. Water, extra than any different natural resource, need to be approached and valued from multiple perspectives. Water is a shared useful resource and get right of entry to it is a human right. Increasingly, communities, governments, and agencies around the globe are worried about water excellent and availability. For the mining industry, water administration is more than a technical and economic challenge. The social and environmental dimensions of water have a profound impact on the fee of closing old mines, the development of new projects, and the enlargement of current ones. The financial fee of water can be installed the usage of current methodologies; however, the environmental, social, and cultural value of water is more tough to capture considering that it may be perceived otherwise by using numerous stakeholders.

Goldax Ghana Limited manage water to construct, operate, and close a project. Total water consumption relies upon on the type of mineral or metallic being extracted, as well as corporation practices.

Goldax Ghana Limited ensures that their water resources management operations undergo the following:

Finding adequate sources of water to use
Minimizing water consumption wherever possible and therefore reusing water where possible.
Managing waste and re-mediating contamination

Mining impacts biodiversity at multiple spatial scales (site, landscape, regional and global) through direct (i.e. mineral extraction) and oblique approaches (via industries helping mining operations. To date, most research has examined influences at the site-level, rising directly owing to habitat loss and degradation. This focus is unsurprising, given that site preparation for mine expansion and waste management is a destructive process.

At Goldax Ghana Limited, we acknowledge that sensible conservation strategies must first identify biodiversity priorities. Goldax Ghana Limited factor plans to avoid serious impacts (particularly to conservation priorities), then minimizing harm before offsetting residual impacts.

GOLDAX has a Mining Policy that guides appropriate technology and industry best practices that ensures returns on investment. Specifically, we apply the following:

Goldax’s classification process (double deck screen) assures that we are capturing both the big gold and fine gold efficiently.
We are informed by our technology choice that is able to break up any clay medium, ensures efficient material classification to the sluice, to tails & the slurry to the concentrator
Our Gold Room management practices clearly locating the concentrator away from the plant in the security of the container/Gold Room.
Our design enables ore stockpile after primary crushing, a matching screening scheme with associated conveyor belts system.
Mine water hydrology design include both surface water and groundwater sources, with series of small settling ponds to permit more flexible water management, also monitored by Water Quality Assessment (WQA) for standards.
Security management systems conforms to National and International safeguard framework that integrates indigenous knowledge.




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